As the Founder and Co-Director of Fighting Against Trafficking and a consultant on policy, services and effective strategies in the fight to end sex trafficking, Sally’s impactful work on this issue and her personal experiences bring value to the fight as society becomes engaged on the reality of the topic.

A mother of six and grandmother of two. As a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence, Sally has focused her work on successfully championing the cause of victims’ rights of sexual crimes, domestic abuse and violence against women and children.

Sally’s expertise has been utilized by legislators throughout the Midwest to help pass new and stronger sex trafficking legislation. Most recently, her testimony to the Nebraska Legislature was essential in the passage of one of the most expansive set-aside and sealing laws for survivors of sex trafficking in the country.  Sally has provided consultation with the Creighton Human Trafficking Initiative (HTI Labs), Women’s Fund of Omaha, the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force, National Survivor Network and the Polaris Project.

Sally recently won a Supreme Court case in South Dakota, creating case law across the country, thus giving victims of abuse, who are able to prove they have long suffered and currently still suffer from their abuse, the ability to take their perpetrator to civil court for jury trial and pursue punitive damages.