Whatever affects ONE directly, affects ALL indirectly


Our Mission and Values must benefit VICTIMS’ lives and enhance their futures.
That Quality and Continuum of Care are essential components to benefit the success of VICTIMS and our communities.

That the People of Fighting Against Trafficking Organization, are our nonprofit’s most valuable resource.

That Financial Support is important to our nonprofit organization, to further broaden our mission.

That our Nonprofit Organization must be preserved.


Honor with Integrity in all we do.

Ethical and Moral conduct in all our organizational and collaborative relationships.

Uncompromised and Productive in all areas of our nonprofit organization as a means of attaining and sustaining leadership, support, and community outreach.

Encourage organizational and personal Responsibility to our families, our community, and our God.


Change in practices at women’s shelters across the state to advocate for victims’ rights, protect and accommodate women who are seeking escape from their traffickers.

Plan effective strategies to Decriminalize minor and adult victims alike.

Raise awareness campaign for greater understanding of human trafficking, to include root causes and proper responsiveness. To also provide exposure to missing persons who are believed to have been victims of human trafficking.

Educate hotel and motel staff, hospital and medical clinics and medical staff about the signs that a guest/patient may be trafficked and steps that can be taken to safely alert authorities.

Helping parents, adults, and teens understand tactics used by traffickers to recruit minors and compromised adult victims, through community and school programs.

Develop a greater understanding of Victims for law enforcement agencies, and EFFECTIVE WAYS to communicate with Victims, as to not cause further injury.

Bring to light, the many warning signs of a trafficker.

Web apps that women/teens can use to communicate safely when in the presence of their trafficker.

Demand responsive and uncompromised political leadership.

Collaborate with other groups fighting to eradicate human trafficking and for justice.

Increase membership, community, and government support, for our organization.


Regular and Ongoing public education events, including screenings of public and personal tragedy of, films and videos, leafleting, mailings, and public speaking.

Continued policy and strategy meetings to assess organizational goals.

Maintain media and social media platforms.

Legislative Initiatives through development and implementation.

Collaborate with similar organizations to further our goals.

Build a list of resources throughout the Midwest to provide a safe haven for Victims.

SD Senator Lynne Hix-DiSanto and Trafficking Survivor Sally Richardson, will provide a unique and powerful opportunity to learn and engage on this VERY IMPORTANT social issue.

Hear their personal stories and understand the ties that bind them. They will leave a lasting personal impact and will provide a forewarning to all.

Determined to bring awareness, education, funding, and CHANGE.
Brought together by tragedy and bound for PURPOSE by our common trauma.