Lynne is a South Dakota native, and mother to three sons. A survivor of domestic violence, Lynne started her life in Rapid City after escaping with only a few dollars and her infant son. She went on to obtain a Bachelor’s in Business and Master’s Degree in Counseling, focusing on women and children’s issues including violence against women, eating disorders and recovery after trauma. She is the subject of a book, detailing her escape and new start leading to her current role as a Senator.

At 36 she was elected as 1 of only 10 women to the South Dakota State House, serving two terms. She went on to be elected to the State Senate and currently serves District 35, in western South Dakota. She is currently co-Director of “Fighting Against Trafficking Organization” where she focuses her time as an advocate and educator championing the cause of victims rights of sexual crimes, domestic abuse, and violence against women and children.

Lynne has worked in various states throughout the Midwest to pass new and tougher legislation holding perpetrators accountable, while working to reframe perception of the issues and its victims. She received the “George Washington Award for Courage in Battle” and has been interviewed by Tomi Lahren (The Blaze), Jesse Watters (Fox News) and had her legislative work featured nationally in the New York Times, Washington Post and others.