• Seems anxious, fearful or paranoid. Avoids eye contact. Tearfulness or signs of depression and confusion.
  • Unexplained bruises or cuts or other signs of physical, emotional, or psychological abuse.
  • Appears to be in a relationship with someone who is dominating to the extreme.
  • Is never alone and/or always has someone translating or answering questions on their behalf.
  • Victims have no control of their own finances
  • Always having to ask for permission for everything.
  • Presents with secrecy or unable to answer questions about where they live and/ or work
  • Inconsistent details when telling their story.
  • Has no identification such as a license, passport or other ID documents.
  • Victims have limited or no control over their transportation.
  • Being of recent arrival to their location (country, state, city and may not speak English).
  • A Victim can be of ANY age and is unwillingly providing commercial sex acts.
  • Is afraid of law enforcement or receiving help from an outside entity.